Train the Trainer


Skilled facilitators don’t just train. They connect with and engage their audiences and most importantly they make learning fun. From creating the right training environment, making lasting first impressions, design and delivery of training content. Training is a work of art; you are the artist!

This course introduces you to great practical and actionable concepts that will change the way you prepare for and present to your audience.  It covers:

  • Creating the right atmosphere
  • Make lasting first impressions
  • Breaking the Ice
  • Time/classroom management
  • Presenting to Diverse Audiences
  • Using Visual Aids
  • Teaching Methodologies
  • Virtual learning
  • Monitoring Training Outcomes -More than just feedback

Topics for this course

15 Lessons

Lesson I – Creating the Right Training Atmosphere?

Creating the right atmosphere for your audience requires that you stimulate their senses. What do they see, feel, hear, smell and yes even taste when they enter your training room! When it comes to virtual training you can still create a stimulating environment for your audience.
First Impressions
Breaking the Ice
Lesson I – Activity I
What is Your Body Language Saying?
Lesson I – Activity II
Engaging Your Audience – Part I
Virtual Learning Environment
Session I – Powerpoint00:00:00

Lesson II – Training Methodologies

Lesson III – Monitoring & Evaluating Training Outcomes

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