Supervisory Management


Shifting from being ‘one of the team’ to leading the team can be a challenging move. As a new
supervisor, team leader or frontline manager, it’s now up to you to make difficult decisions, give
feedback and drive performance.
Having the right leadership skills under your belt can make sure you get off to a strong start and
rally your team behind you.
Managers and supervisors provide leadership for a team and bridge the gap between the
management of the organisation and their team members. This course will help you understand
ways to ‘manage up’ as well as manage a team

Topics for this course

15 Lessons

Session I – Fundamentals of Supervision

Welcome to Supervisory Management
Management vs. Leadership
Making the Transition
Supervisor Self-Assessment
Activity #2 – Reflection
Module I – Power-point Presentation00:00:00

Session II – Management Styles

Session III – Effective Supervision

Motivating Your Staff

Final Evaluation

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