Module I – Leading Self?

"Before you can lead others, you must lead self." John Maxwell

Module II – Leading Others

Module III – Managing Change

The Law of the Lid

Discovering Your Authentic Leadership We all have the capacity to inspire and empower others. But we must first be willing...

Law of the Lid — 1 of 21 Irrefutable Laws of leadership • SajiGroup

What stops intelligent, hard-working and driven leaders from reaching the next level of career success?

  • Fear – Fear of failure and fear of rejection have killed more dreams than any other single factor! When we are afraid, we don’t want to take chances.  We avoid taking action and that does not help in achieving further career success.
  • Lack of focus – We live in a world filled with continuous distractions and interruptions. The choices we have are endless.  This often overwhelms us.  Without the ability to focus on a few things we are great at,  it is difficult to achieve significant results.
  • Lack of time – Lack of time and lack of focus are closely related. When we get involved in too many things unrelated to our primary goals and focus areas, we suffer from a dual problem.  Lack of focus and lack of time.
  • Inability to change – The world is changing at a frenetic pace. Technology, communication, artificial intelligence, and a confluence of many other factors are speeding up the frenetic pace of change.  Unless we change and adapt, it is unlikely that we will achieve further success.  Staying in the comfort zone and not wanting to change is more a recipe for career failure than career success in a fast-changing world!

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