Leadership & Change Management – August


Leadership & Change Management


 “We all have the capacity to inspire and empower others. But we must first be willing to

devote ourselves to our personal growth and development as leaders”


Leadership and Change Management is a three (3) week personal transformation course that is aimed at developing and enhancing critical leadership skills among leaders in all spheres of development and at all levels. It is based on the premise that leadership is a journey of continuous self-discovery and growth and that we all have the capacity to inspire and empower others. But we must first be willing to devote ourselves to our personal growth and development as leaders.

The course is divided into three key areas: (1) Leading Myself: Authentic Leadership (2) Leading Others: The Emotionally Intelligent Leader (3) Leading for Change: Change Management

By the end of the course, you’ll be able to…

  • Explain what leadership is and identify the qualities of an authentic leader
  • Examine your unique leadership traits and how your personal experiences shape the leader you are
  • Examine your values and principles as a leader
  • Evaluate leadership qualities and identify strengths and weaknesses as a leader
  • Identify and document areas for growth and development of your authentic leadership
  • Understand the role of emotional intelligence in leadership, evaluate your emotional intelligence and identify areas for improvement
  • Identify and apply strategies for leading others
  • Apply strategies for high impact coaching of team members
  • Develop Action Learning Plan for applying lessons learnt on leadership in your organization

Topics for this course

14 Lessons

Module I – Leading Self?

"Before you can lead others, you must lead self." John Maxwell
The Authentic Leader
Finding Your True North
The Emotionally Intelligent Leader
Module I – Power point presentation00:00:00
Assignments – Your Story

Module II – Leading Others

Module III – Managing Change

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The Leadership and Change Management Course was excellent. I enjoyed sharing in the online sessions each week. Education is dynamic and I learn more each day. Great Belizean instructors.

Great courses, excellent instructors. It is always a pleasure enrolling in courses from BZ Learn. Not only did I learn a lot from the courses I had undertaken, but I also had a fun time doing so. The summer period is over and done, but I am already looking forward to upcoming courses. BZ Learn never disappoints.

First of all, thank God for the privilege of life and for the time to complete this course. Thank you for this course, it`s a great course regarding authentic leadership. I personally enjoyed the content which was very informative and relevant to the topic dealing with leadership. The activities and assignment were very practical and reflective as well. Because of other commitments, I felt it a little heavy for me, nevertheless, it was a very good learning experience and relevant to the time.


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