Intro to E-Book Creation & Publishing


Prepare and Publish your eBook like a Pro!


Topics for this course

Module I – Intro to E-Book Creation and Publishing?

Why an Ebook Ebook vs Traditional Books Understanding Ebook formats Ebook Creator Software Essentials for Creating a Great Ebook Editing & Design Considerations in Microsoft Word/Google Docs

Module II – E-book Creation?

How to upload and convert existing documents Editing and formatting in Kindle Create Creating a Table of Contents (TOC) Epub Links/ hyperlinks Adding front and back matter How to write Description, Keywords, Categories Cover photo specifications and formats

Module III – Formatting and Publishing?

Ebook Publishing Platforms Create a KDP account Navigating Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing Ebook pricing and royalty options Pros & Cons of Amazon marketplace versus self-distribution Listing your E-book for Pre-Order Publish your E-book Self Distribution Methods & Resources

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