Counseling: Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) and Basic Helping Skills


This course, Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) and Basic Helping Skills, is aimed at providing educators with a greater understanding of the challenges students face as they strive to complete their educational journey in the advent of COVID-19.  The five components of Social and Emotional Learning will be covered in addition to ways of in cooperating it in class settings, work environments and even in one’s home life, to enhance teamwork.  Social and Emotional Wellness seeks to promote empathy, establish and maintain positive relationships and make responsible decisions.  This course then, will have teachers verbalize the new and existing challenges to learning, realize that as gatekeepers in education, they are poised to assist students in navigating these challenges. Most importantly, teachers will learn strategies to better assist their students and themselves to cope with new and future problems. It is often being said that in order to help others, one must first focus on self; that in mind enhancing one’s mental health and wellness is extremely important as educators. These sessions will seek to address these emerging needs of our valued educators.

Topics for this course

2 Lessons

Session I – Introduction to Helping Skills?

This first session will focus on identifying the various roles and responsibilities as educators. In completing the activity “Many Hats” it brings an awareness that though individuals are unique there exists a commonality that each assume diverse roles on a daily basis. With this understanding and appreciation, one must therefore be mindful and respectful of the level of stress an individual must balance on a daily basis. This first session will also cover the definitions of: counselling, school counselling and helping and a look at the evolution of school counselling in Belize. Participants will also be able to self-evaluate to identify and verbalize the attitudes, values and beliefs they have towards counselling.
Self-Awareness Exercise
Assignments #1 – Many Hats
Assignments – Rank Your Values!

Session 2 – Basic Helping Skills?

The lesson will also focus on key helping skills teachers can employ to further assist their students. This session also covers the difference between secrecy and confidentiality. Teachers will be expected to review the Families and Children’s Act (Chapter 173 Revised, 2003) in relation to their role as mandatory reporters. Participants will be oriented on several helping skills/tools they can employ with their colleagues, students, family members to better assist. This session will allow participants to engage in group. To end off the lesson, participants will also be acquainted with the referral process and agencies that offer pyscho-social support.

Session 3 – Social and Emotional Learning?

This lesson aims to provide participants with an understanding of Social and Emotional Learning in an effort to afford them the skills to support their students, families and coworkers. In this lesson, participants will be able to label emotions and demonstrate empathy, positive relationships, social awareness, and self-awareness with those they interact with on a daily basis. The importance of SEL will also be covered, ways to improve SEL and how it can be implemented across systems. Participants will be able to exposed to and able to identify what strategy works best for them to enhance their SEL skills – reflective thinking, engaging their colleagues as resources in problem solving situations, demonstrate empathy, and reflective self-care practices.

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