Backyard Gardening Made Easy


Work on your green thumb with this great, interactive gardening course. In this course you will learn:

  • How to Plan Your Garden
  • Eight Easy Vegetables to Grow for Beginners
  • Caring for Your Garden

Topics for this course

Module I – How to Plan Your Garden?

Things to Consider When Planning your Home Garden Selecting a Spot for your Garden Deciding the Size of your Garden Deciding what varieties of Vegetables to Grow How Much of Each to Plant Deciding Where to Plant Them in the Garden Prepare your Garden Site What is a Raised Garden Bed Constructing Your Raised Garden Beds The Benefits of Raised Garden Beds Preparing the Site for Your Raised Bed Recommended Soil Mixture for Raised Garden Beds

Module II – Eight Easy Vegetables to Grow?

Planting Cilantro Planting Tomato Planting Cabbage Planting Carrots Planting Cucumber Planting Eggplant Planting Okra Planting Sweet Pepper

Module III – Caring for Your Garden?

Taking Care of your Home Tools for Maintaining your Garden Weeding Watering Mulching Fertilization

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